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TurboWin Blower & Compressors

Zero-Oil-injected Air Bearing Blowers and Compressors


Cutting Edge Technology

Derived from Technology licensed from NASA, design has been developed and improved across mulitple generations to provided unbeatable ROI. 

Highest Efficiency in the Industry

Ultra-high efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor allows for energy savings of 20-62%* 

* Actual Savings numbers from Real cases in Taiwan

Screenshot 2024-06-28 123408.jpg

Rigorously Tested and Certified 

Models are tested under tough conditions to endure most conditions that can be met in the field.

Certificates include: 

ABS Class certificate

IECEx KTL 21.0009X & (ITRI)2022 No. 07-00161X( Anti-Explosive Certificate)

EU CE Certificate


ASME Certified

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